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Run For The White House Free Sample Game Pieces

We will be glad to send you some free game pieces similar to these in the picture above for you to examine. But, in order to keep people who are not really interested in owning a rare limited collector's edition Run For The White House® board game from wasting our resources and time, we must charge a $3.00 shipping and handling fee for the free samples in order to get them to you by first class mail.  Your free samples will include a minimum of 6 pieces.

Don't miss this great opportunity to order your FREE game piece samples!
Please fill-out your name and mailing address and sumitt this form so we will know where to mail your FREE Run For The White House (R) game piece samples once you have paid your $3.00 shipping and handling charge via the PayPal button below: We will only ship once we have received verification from PayPal.

One final step to complete your order to receive your FREE Run For The White House® game piece samples.  Click on the order now button below to go to PayPay and send us your $3.00 shipping and handling charge.



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